Ongoing while availability. No registration fee. You can register in person, over the phone, or online. 

If any questions please call 310.277.9993



Monthly. Due at the time of enrollment and the beginning session of every month, & paid in cash or personal check or credit card. A $20 fee will be charged for returned checks.


Refunds & Cancellation

Due to our monthly payment system if a student decides he/she for some reason cannot finish that month, the number of sessions he/she attended will be charged as per session & the remainder will be refunded.


1.5 hr $55 per session

2 hrs  $75 per session

3 hrs  $90 per session

  Absence & Make ups

Here at Evleen's Art Studio we strive to create a peaceful, inspiring, & rewarding environment. Makeups are allowed with the condition of a.) availability of space within the class b.) attended within three months of missing a class c.) student is fully paid and enrolled for the month & cannot attend only for make up. 


Designed to inspire the artist within. Classes are a group setting with individualized attention in all levels and all mediums. Everyone works at their own pace. 

 Please note!

When you register for a certain number classes per week you must do all in one month. The number of sessions you pay tuition for must be attended within the same month.


The tuition listed is based on a four week month. If there is a fifth week there will not be a fifth session.